Learning Center

Sacred Heart Parish School offers a learning center, where students who struggle in the areas of Reading, Writing or Math have an opportunity to succeed. The learning center started in August 2016 when our 5th-grade teacher, Mrs. Erika Rosas, finished her Master’s in Special Education and had a passion for serving our struggling learners. Both the school principal, Mr. Peter Harris and the school Pastor Fr. Mike, supported the program from the day it was proposed. Now, Mrs. Rosas and her full-time aide, seek to provide the best academic atmosphere for the students by allowing students to test in a separate environment, provide push-in services, going into the classrooms during instruction with the students, and pull-out services, where students go to the learning center for decoding, writing, reading fluency and comprehension programs. In order for students to enter the learning center, there needs to be a teacher or parent referral. Once this is made an Academic Support Team is formed to determine students’ eligibility.

There is also great communication with Coronado public school district so that when a referral needs to be made for additional testing it can be done through the proper channels. Mrs. Rosas has also been to the Catholic High Schools here in San Diego to speak and learn what high schools are doing in their learning centers. She also has great communication with the LC directors and knows the process to have the current 8th graders enter those learning centers.