Mission & Philosophy

Our Philosophy 

Sacred Heart Parish School is a child-centered community in which each member is encouraged to acquire  knowledge, skills, and Christ-like values in order to serve God, family, and society. In a world that is characterized  by mobility, constant technological changes, competitiveness, complex family relationships, global issues, and  diverse cultures, we commit ourselves to making Christian love the unifying goal and pervading tone of our school. 

The Sacred Heart Parish School community holds as fundamental: belief in God, Christ, and Church, the value of all  people, and commitment to service. We believe that parents have the primary responsibility for the education of  their children and that our school and church—along with community support—enhance and complement this role. 

We believe the central task of our school is to foster each child’s self-image as a creation of our loving God with  unique abilities and gifts which must be expressed responsibly. The primary role of our teachers and staff is to  facilitate learning by creating opportunities for each child to discover, reflect, learn, and create in preparation for  taking his or her place in the family, and the civic, national, and global communities. We believe every person has  equal dignity and an unalienable right to be educated.