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The Giving Tree

September 21, 2018
By Jeanne Volk

I decided to take the class over to see the fallen tree at Spreckel’s Park and share this unique experience with them.    I started off our morning by reading the Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.   Most had not heard the story before;  about all the gifts a tree gives us. After we came back from seeing the tree we wrote poetic letters to the tree thanking it for being a part of our community and giving us so many gifts like shade, a place to play hide-and-seek, oxygen, beauty, etc.  The letters were beautiful.  when we were at the park earlier we learned that the Coronado City Council and an Arborist (tree inspector)  were going to go and inspect the situation.  I decided to create a giant “THE GIVING TREE” poster which the kids decorated and posted the class notes on poster boards…our way of giving thanks to the tree.. we returned by noon to put our our letters and the giant card, hoping the city council and other people in the community would see it and share in the thanks for this great fallen tree. Much to  our surprise the channel 7 news was there creating a story about the tree that fell over…..  They loved that we were leaving love notes for the tree and decided to interview us… and to top it off Jameson had actually seen the tree fall over the previous day so he had a special interview!!  At the end of the day I went over again and was given a large branch and some of the caution top from the fallen tree.  I broke off pieces and tied the caution tape like a ribbon and gave each of the students a piece to take home of THE GIVING TREE.  It was all such a delightful last minute teachable moment (that lasted all day) that the class will never forget.  Many families went over after school to see the tree and the card and notes. 

We even made the news! Check it out! 

"Concerns After Tree Falls in Coronado Park"