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STEM Meets Art & Religion!

May 16, 2019
By Julie Zacarias

      STEM Meets Art & Religion!

      I'm sure that you have all heard of the terms STEM/STEAM buzz around education in the last several years. The acronym for STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering & Math. Art was soon brought into the mix,  as creativity is essential and easily weaved in to all these subjects. Catholic educators nationwide, decided that Religion could and should  be infused into all subjects as well. Therefore, STREAM was born. 

This week, the diocese of San Diego held their 5th Annual STREAM Festival at Good Shepard. Two students from each grade level were 5th-8th were able to attend and participate in various Mini-STREAM Challenges. 

Students from different schools within the diocese also showcased some of their projects. Our fifth grade students showcased their Claymation Projects for this event. It truly was a treat to share our project and see what other schools are doing as well. 

Stations of the Cross