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I am the Light of the World

September 25, 2018
By Erika Rosas

This past Friday, September 21st our 8th graders attended their Fall retreat at the San Diego of Alcala Mission. The retreat was directed by Mr. David Blair, 8th grade teacher and Vice-Principal at Saint Charles Catholic School. The theme for the retreat was "I am the light of the world" and throughout the retreat the 8th graders answered some reflection questions about themselves, did a prayer service walking around the beautiful gardens, and had a candle activity where they looked at each other and talked about being light in this world. As well, Mr. Blair and Ms. Lulu coordinated to collect all of their baby pictures prior to the retreat and showed them to all the students in a presentation where they were all asked if they could see God in each other. The retreat concluded with the celebration of Mass by Msg. Sheehan and snacks and lunch were provided by the room mom, Mrs. Bucardo and other parents.