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September 08, 2019
By Julie Zacarias

You've heard of STEM! Perhaps you've even heard of STEAM! Now, we are introducing STREAM!!!

STREAM is an expansion of STEM/STEAM. Adding the "R" for Religion aligns with our mission to infuse religion across all subject areas. With our Mobile STREAM Lab, students in TK - 1st Grade, will have the opportunity to explore, process and learn. They will participate in age-appropriate challenges, and bring out their inner Engineer through creative and collaborative play.

Our Mobile STREAM Lab includes...
Apps that support the grade-level curriculum
Amazon STEM Club toys added monthly

Building for our Children's Future

September 08, 2019
By Fr. Mike

Dear Friends,

The Catholic faith in our parish community flourishes - a lasting and ongoing testament to the founding families whose sacrifices and perseverance have, from humble beginnings, built up our parish for over 120 years. These men and women laid the foundation for the thriving Catholic community that exists today - rich in tradition and resolute in purpose. we must now preserve and build upon this heritage to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. 

Our capital campaign will support the building of new facilities and modernizing our parish Ministry Center to "continue the good work the Lord has begun in us", in our faith community, in the education of our faith community, in the education of children at Sacred Heart School and in our religious education programs.  I pray that you will respond to the call and collaborate in this work to continue  the proclamation of the Gospel in our small portion of the Lord's Vineyard. Not only will you and your families benefit, but future generations who will call Sacred Heart their parish community will be blessed by the sacrifices we make as we "pay forward" the blessings we have received from the faith and generosity of others. 

Please pray and discern how the Lord is calling you to participate in our efforts to reach our goal of $9 million to meet the present and future needs of Sacred Heart Parish School. 

May God's generous blessings be upon you and your family. 

Your brother in Christ + Jesus, 
 Father Mike Murphy

STEM Meets Art & Religion!

May 16, 2019
By Julie Zacarias

      STEM Meets Art & Religion!

      I'm sure that you have all heard of the terms STEM/STEAM buzz around education in the last several years. The acronym for STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering & Math. Art was soon brought into the mix,  as creativity is essential and easily weaved in to all these subjects. Catholic educators nationwide, decided that Religion could and should  be infused into all subjects as well. Therefore, STREAM was born. 

This week, the diocese of San Diego held their 5th Annual STREAM Festival at Good Shepard. Two students from each grade level were 5th-8th were able to attend and participate in various Mini-STREAM Challenges. 

Students from different schools within the diocese also showcased some of their projects. Our fifth grade students showcased their Claymation Projects for this event. It truly was a treat to share our project and see what other schools are doing as well. 

Stations of the Cross

APEX Fun Run

March 05, 2019
By Peter Harris

This morning we kicked off our annual APEX Fun Run with a lively morning assembly led by our good friend, “Radical Ryan”, and his team from APEX. We have had great financial success with the Fun Run these past few years, averaging about $30,000 after APEX takes their percentage, which has been around 30-35% (remember, every fundraiser has overhead costs). Let’s try to top that amount this year!!! I am a big fan of the Fun Run for several reasons, it gets the students personally involved and participating in the fund-raising for their school, and Ryan and his team always impart such positive messages and experiences for our students. The run itself will take place on Thursday the 14thin the afternoon. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.  The monies for the PTG raised from the Fun Run can be used for things like technology, art, P.E. and playground equipment, and shade awnings. I know that fundraising can be a pain, but hey, it’s a part of school life these days, so let’s have a blast doing it! As always SHPS parents, thank you in advance for your tremendous support of our school!

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