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ASC Bracelet Sale

November 14, 2019

Hey SHPS, 

     It’s ASC here, we’re happy and overjoyed to announce that we have made close to $1,000 for the Parish from the bracelet sales. Your generous and helpful donations will support the construction of the new parish hall.

   Further more, the candy corn contest winner was Alexia Kuri with the guess of 402. Thank you so much for your support. That’s all for this week. See you soon.

First Grade Math

November 14, 2019
By Jeanne Luna

First grade is learning subtraction.  Using manipulatives, dice and whole-part-part cards they are demonstrating the take-away concept by showing what is happening before writing it in algorithm format.  When children learn through seeing the objects move in addition to using the symbols to represent what the concept is they inculcate the information better. 

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Writing Letters

November 14, 2019
By Avery Heid

In Social Studies, Sacred Heart Second Graders learned about our government in the United States. They learned about what it means to vote and who we can vote for- Presidents, Governors, and MAYORS! They had many questions about the roles of the leaders of our country, so they went straight to the source. They practiced their letter writing skills and wrote letters to the Mayor of Coronado- Mayor Richard Bailey. 

 They practiced the parts of a letter, how to address an envelope and discovered where they could go to send a letter. They filled their letters with questions for Mayor Bailey and also let him know some things about Sacred Heart. A few weeks ago, on a sunny day in Coronado, they strolled down Orange Avenue to find the big blue mail box. They sent off their letters, anxious for a reply. 

Mayor Bailey received all 28 letters tied together with a ribbon on his desk. He read every single letter and decided he had to meet the 2nd Graders that were so interested in his position as Mayor. On Wednesday, November 6th Mayor Bailey walked into the Sacred Heart 2nd Grade classroom and saw a room full of awe struck 2nd Graders. He thanked them for their letters, told them a bit about himself and a bit about what it is like to be the Mayor of a fine city like Coronado. Of course the students had many questions, so he graciously answered as many as he could. The 2nd Graders loved their time with Mayor Bailey and voiced their interests in one day running for the mayor of their own cities. Look out San Diego! A few years in the future you may see a Sacred Heart alumni leading your city!  

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Dia De Los Muertos

November 04, 2019
By Patricia Venegas


On November 1st and 2nd we observe the celebration of the Day of the Dead that takes place in Mexico. A celebration that dates back to the prehispanic era. The tradition celebrates the idea that loved ones who have passed come to visit their family members.

Despite being a holiday about death, the Day of the Dead is actually a joyous event where people eat good food and drinks, listen to music, and have parties to commemorate loved ones. 

Here at Sacred Heart Parish School setting up a Day of the Dead altar has been a long-standing tradition. This year’s projects that decorate the altar honor loved ones, celebrities, artists, actors as well as pets who have passed away. Kinder worked on “alebrijes” which are spirit animals that accompany loved ones on their journey. First and second grade worked on “Catrines” and “Catrinas.” Grades 3rd through 5th created “nichos.” A nicho box is a three-dimensional recessed display used as a portable shrine to an important figure or loved one. Middle school displayed the “lapidas” (tombs) in a pretend cementery.

Families visit the cemeteries and grave sites of their loved ones. They leave flowers, candles and entire meals with special drinks and traditional breads. Some of the grave sites may include flowers, hand-crafted skeletons, colorful paper cutouts, candy skulls, personal items, and photos. Family members pass the night sharing food and conversation. We hope everyone enjoys the display.

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