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APEX Fun Run

March 05, 2019
By Peter Harris

This morning we kicked off our annual APEX Fun Run with a lively morning assembly led by our good friend, “Radical Ryan”, and his team from APEX. We have had great financial success with the Fun Run these past few years, averaging about $30,000 after APEX takes their percentage, which has been around 30-35% (remember, every fundraiser has overhead costs). Let’s try to top that amount this year!!! I am a big fan of the Fun Run for several reasons, it gets the students personally involved and participating in the fund-raising for their school, and Ryan and his team always impart such positive messages and experiences for our students. The run itself will take place on Thursday the 14thin the afternoon. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.  The monies for the PTG raised from the Fun Run can be used for things like technology, art, P.E. and playground equipment, and shade awnings. I know that fundraising can be a pain, but hey, it’s a part of school life these days, so let’s have a blast doing it! As always SHPS parents, thank you in advance for your tremendous support of our school!

7th Grade Narratives

March 05, 2019
By Courtnie Marshall

The 7th grade class has been exploring the question “What are the principals of a just society?”

After spending time analyzing the elements of a well written narrative, students were asked to write one of their own with a character who is seeking justice in an unjust society. Read one of our student essay's below. 

Becoming Human

Oratorical Contest

March 05, 2019
By Courtnie Marshall

Wednesday February 27th, eleven of our Sacred Heart middle school students represented the school as they competed against other students at the Oratorical Contest. After writing, memorizing and reciting their speeches in front of their classmates and the teachers, these eleven students were chosen to advance to the next round. At the Coronado Library, Sacred Heart students took gold, silver and bronze medals home.

Gold-Logan McKerring (8th Grade), Silver- Valeria Quiroga (6th Grade) and Bronze-Marietta Renison (6th Grade).

SHPS Technology

February 25, 2019
By Julie Zacarias

   On behalf our Administration, Staff and students, I want to express our gratitude to the PTG for funding our technology program. Thanks to their fundraising efforts we just purchased one more Chromebook cart for our Middle School students. The students and I are thrilled to have a cart of 30 new Chromebooks in the upstairs building. Our Mobile Technology Lab continues to grow so teachers and I can use technology in the classroom to teach our 21st century learners!

   I’m sure you have heard your children talk about the infamous Chromebooks! Maybe you’ve even heard of our Classroom Robots, Dash and Dot! Did you know that starting in 5th grade students receive a school-issued iPad that they take home on a daily basis to support their learning? We are blessed to be at a school where we have so much technology to learn with. Not only does all this technology support the technology curriculum but it also supports the teachers in their classroom.

   As a Technology Coordinator my mission is student safety. I spend the main part of the first quarter educating students to use technology responsibly and to be good “Digital Citizens.” With our student having so much technology available at their fingertips, we may have concerns about safe internet surfing. We have recently upgraded our content filtering program to serve a filtering solution for Sacred Heart School. This program is currently being installed on all school devices. Through Relay, we are able to block inappropriate websites, force SafeSearch, Filter Google Images, allow safe access to YouTube Videos and so much more. Technology changes from day to day but please rest assured that we are doing all we can to keep your children safe. To learn more about our Relay please check the link below. I have also added a link with information about what you do at home to keep your children safe.

Relay Content Filtering:

Common Sense Media:



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