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5th Grade celebrates Black History Month


Jeans for Haiti

September 17, 2021
By Emma Larrieu

Thank you to the 8th grade class for supporting Haiti. 

Sloths with our Buddies

September 17, 2021
By Courtnie Marshall

This year the 6th graders have the pleasure of being buddies with the 2nd graders. Throughout the year they will be helping to prepare the 2nd graders for their First Holy Communion and First Reconciliation. Although the 6th graders will be teaching the 2nd graders a lot this year, last week the 2nd graders taught the 6th graders how to draw a sloth. After doing a directed drawing with Ms. Soper the day before, the 2nd graders did a wonderful job teaching their buddies what they learned. 


September 17, 2021
By Andrea Bogarin

I am very happy and excited to begin teaching art class as part of this year’s academic program. 

Each student will be able to experience the process of creating their own art piece, while I guide them with a step-by-step demonstration. The goal is for students to unleash their creativity, while they learn a little bit about famous artists and historical art movements.

I encourage students to express themselves while painting, as every work of art is unique. Each of them will get to experience mixing colors, share experiences and perceptions with their classmates, and paint their own interpretations on their canvas.

-Andrea Bogarin

2021-2022 Faculty & Staff

August 08, 2021
By Julie Zacarias

Meet our new Faculty and Staff

Mrs. Robyn K (First Grade Teacher) 
Mrs. Lorie Orciga (Third Grade Teacher) 
Mrs. Farah Enciso (Third Grade Aide) 
Mrs. Alexa Frey (Fifth Grade Teacher) 
Mrs. Pamela Voltin (Middle School Aide) 

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