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APEX Fun Run

March 05, 2019
By Peter Harris

This morning we kicked off our annual APEX Fun Run with a lively morning assembly led by our good friend, “Radical Ryan”, and his team from APEX. We have had great financial success with the Fun Run these past few years, averaging about $30,000 after APEX takes their percentage, which has been around 30-35% (remember, every fundraiser has overhead costs). Let’s try to top that amount this year!!! I am a big fan of the Fun Run for several reasons, it gets the students personally involved and participating in the fund-raising for their school, and Ryan and his team always impart such positive messages and experiences for our students. The run itself will take place on Thursday the 14thin the afternoon. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.  The monies for the PTG raised from the Fun Run can be used for things like technology, art, P.E. and playground equipment, and shade awnings. I know that fundraising can be a pain, but hey, it’s a part of school life these days, so let’s have a blast doing it! As always SHPS parents, thank you in advance for your tremendous support of our school!