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Sacred Heart School offers a challenging TK-8 curriculum which prepares students for entrance into the competitive high schools. Subjects include, language arts, math, religion, science, social studies, technology, physical education and music. 


Curriculum for all grades includes:

  • Religion

  • Language Arts

    • Reading

    • Writing

    • Grammer

    • Spelling

    • Vocabulary

  • Handwriting

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Physical Education

  • EdTech

  • Spanish

  • Art

  • Music



  • Weekly Masses

  • Weekly Adoration

  • Montly Mission Projects

Report Cards 

Our academic school year is divided into 4 quarters. Sacred heart students get a progress report mid quarter and a report card at the end of each quarter. At the end of the first quarter parents are expected to attend a Parent/Teacher Conference scheduled in November. 

Field Trips

All students attend various field trips  throughout the school year. Field trips are carefully chosen by classroom teachers to enrich their grade level curriculum.