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6th Grade Mission Month

October 29, 2019
By Courtnie Marshall

During the month of October, the 6th grade class has been working hard to raise money for the Lyonhearted Foundation. After deciding as a class to hold a nacho sale to raise money, the 6th graders participated in interviews in order to get a role to run the nacho stand. After running the nacho sale with very little help from the adults, the students raised over $500, thanks to the support of many Sacred Heart students.

The class decided to donate the money raised to support the Lyonhearted Foundation because they believe in the organization’s mission. After losing their son and brother in 2015 to a rare brain tumor, the Lyon family started a foundation to inspire the world to live like Jesus Christ while they provide hope for families with pediatric cancer. In addition to supporting other families that are facing a similar tragedy, they raise awareness through community involvement and are currently fighting to find a cure. The 6th grade class is grateful for their involvement in supporting the mission of the Lyonhearted Foundation.