Summer 2018 Homework

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6th Math Homework

7th Math Homework

8th Math Homework


Welcome to First Grade! 

Welcome to Second Grade! 


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   Six books. That all it takes.  Studies show that when a child reads as few as six appropriately grade leveled books, he is likely to fend off summer reading loss and maintain the reading progress made during the year.  And when a child reads more - 8, 10, or more books - he may even return to school a more confident reader.  To ensure confident readers in grades 4-8 at Sacred Heart School, books are assigned to be read during the summer. But there’s another reason to take the family to the library too, not only for these books but just for the fun of it!  Have fun!!

Entering Grade 4

Ramona Quimby, Age 8 by Beverly Cleary

(After school starts students will take a test and complete a book report in class) 

Entering Grade 5 (read both) 

Sing Down the Moon, Scott O'Dell

Sign of the Beaver, Elizabeth George Speare

(Read below for Newspaper Report Instructions) 

Entering 6th Grade (read all 3)

Hatchet, Gary Paulsen

In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson, Bette Bao Lord

Abel's Island, William Steig

Entering 7th Grade (read all 3)  

Summer of My German Soilder, Green

Timothy of the Cay, Taylor

The Pearl, John Steinbeck

Entering 8th Grade (Read all 3)

Tales of the Greek Heroes, Green

Freak the Mighty, Philbrick

To Kil A Mockingbird, Lee 


Newspaper Report (Option 1) 


In addition, students in grades 5- 8 are required to produce a newspaper for any ONE of the books for your grade.  Bring the finished product on the first day of school, Wednedsay August 22, 2018.

                                                                                    For grades 5-8:  

1.  Paper must be 12x18 inches (large white construction paper is about the  right size), or a sheet of similar size.  Set up the newspaper vertically in 3 columns.

2.  Come up with a name for your newspaper that includes your last name and then a headline that refers to the book you just read (don’t use the title of the novel, be original). Put your full name and grade on the back of your newspaper.

3.  This is not a summary of the novel, rather, a news article based on the reporter’s WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHY and HOW of ONE experience of ONE of the characters.  Your feature story must be at least one column long. Then add a picture with a caption to illustrate the feature story.     

4.  Also include in your paper:

         *a weather report for the novel, connect with time and place

         *”Dear Abby” letter and reply for ONE character’s problem

         *a social note based on a party, birth, death or other event of note

         *an ad and a picture for a fashion described or desired in the book


*an interview with ONE minor character asking about his views on  a major event in the story

5.  Feel free to use a computer template or print in pen by hand to get all this information on the FRONT of the 12 x 18 inch paper, but carefully follow the directions for full credit.  Do not fold the paper.

6. The other books will be used as a basis for a test and an essay during the school year.



Multimedia Project (Option 2) 




Develop a creative multimedia presentation (Example: video, website, powerpoint, news station, trailer, etc.) to show the following information:

  1. Title and author

  2. Setting (time period, location)

  3. Main Characters

  4. Plot Summary

  5. Theme

  6. Conflict and Resolution

  7. Critique the book (What did you like? What didn’t you like?)


Rubric:  _______/50points


____/5 points Title and author

____/5 Setting

____/5 Main characters (at least 2 sentences describing the main characters)

____/10 Paragraph summarizing the plot

____/5 Accurate Theme

____/5 Paragraph explaining main conflict and resolution

____/10 Two paragraphs critiquing the book

____/5 Presentation is organized and creative


8th Grade Summer Community Service Option


This project can replace reading one of the summer reading books.
You can either work alone or with one other incoming 8th grader.
Come up with a service project idea where you can serve someone.
Perform your service project and take pictures of yourself doing it.
After your project write a 5-paragraph paper about your project and create a poster board to present to the class the first week of school.
Paper must include:
         Paragraph 1- Explain why you chose to serve the way you did and why you are passionate about it.
         Paragraph 2- Summarize your experience.
         Paragraph 3- Explain why you think it is important to be involved in service projects.
         Paragraph 4-Describe how serving others has made you feel and how you think it made the people you were serving feel.
         Paragraph 5- Describe how you can either continue doing the same service project or explain other ways you would like to serve the people around you and the community.
Paper and poster due first day of school.













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